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Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing | A Brief Session Overview

Energy healing brings greater health, balance and well-being. Energetic blocks and distortions are transmuted, leading to personal growth and self-transformation.

The human energy field is in one-to-one correspondence with the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our lives. By working directly on the human energy field it is possible to affect each of these domains.

The healer makes an assessment of the physical and psychological health of the client through dialogue and observing the energy field. The client then lies down on the healing table, while the healer uses breathing and meditative techniques to channel energy through his own field and onto the client’s field.

As the client heals and becomes more in touch with their true longings, they gradually start resonating more harmoniously with the universe, thus attracting the right people, the right places, and the right knowledge to live a fulfilling life.

A strong commitment from the client is required to walk the path of self-exploration and move forward through the journey of healing. The healer is only a guide that assists the client on his or her path. The client is fully responsible for how deep he or she wants to go.

Henrik Nordmark – London, 30 July, 2010

Henrik is available for personalised energy healing treatments and for speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact henrik@londonhealer.com for any details on pricing and availability schedule.

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