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Energy Healing - Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Energy Healing - Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Energy Healing – Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Barbara Brennan is a leading authority on energy healing. Her book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, has become a kind of bible in the field of spiritual healing. This article explores the world of energy healing and Barbara Brennan’s healing science.

Barbara Brennan’s energy healing or healing science describes a model of the human body that includes chakras (focal points for the reception and transmission of cosmic energy) and auras (fields of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding the body). Energy healing is based on an esoteric understanding of how the human energy fields interact with each other and how to reconnect lines that become broken.

Brennan’s teachings describe a seven-layer model of the human energy field, each layer being structured of differing frequencies and kinds of energy and performing different functions. All disease begins as a distortion on the 7th level of the auric field and works its way down through the layers of the aura into the physical body.

During the healing process the healer works intimately with these levels of the auric field and with the chakras. Brennan believes she can teach people to work on these energy levels to heal patients. She started the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to train professional healers.

There is far more to Barbara Brennan’s healing science than mapping energy fields. Her biography would make fascinating reading. She earned a degree in Physics and worked for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Later, she worked with Eva and John Pierrakos, who founded a system for self-transformation called the Pathwork.

Eva Pierrakos channeled lectures from a spiritual entity that came to be called “the Guide.” The lecture material offered profound insight into the nature of life. John Pierrakos worked with Dr Wilhelm Reich who discovered a physical, biological energy in all living matter that he called “orgone.”

It is easy to see the influence of Eva and John Pierrakos and the Pathwork in Brennan’s healing science. She worked with them and became a practitioner in Pathwork and core energetics. Core energetics is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformative process of healing.

Brennan says she receives intuitive messages about her clients during sessions. Her books draw on messages channeled from Heyoan, who she describes as her spiritual guide. It all adds up to a woman who is profoundly intelligent and deeply spiritual.

I’m still not convinced the focus on energy is anything more than a dead end in the search for the key to healing. Beneficial results are more likely due to mental interaction between the healer and patient. That being said, Dr. Brennan sounds like a fascinating teacher. Her book, Hands of Light is must reading for anyone who wants to know more about her teachings and her healing science.

This article is written by Saul Lamb, a student of a Course in Miracles, and Founder of Spiritual Healer.

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