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Everyone Has Energy Healing

Everyone Has Energy Healing

Everyone Has Energy Healing.

Many people have the mistaken belief that only a limited number of folks have healing energy. This is an incorrect assumption. Everyone has the ability to use healing energy to assist someone in need.

Instinctive Actions Demonstrating Healing Energy

Think about times when you have done one of the following to comfort another… or someone to you:

  • When hurt, immediately placed your hand on the wound or bruise
  • Kissed the hurt to make it better
  • Rubbed a child’s back when s/he was ill or feelings were hurt
  • Held someone’s hand who was having a tough time
  • Stayed with someone who was in need due to illness or crisis

The Confusion between Healing and Curing

Curing relates to the ending of a disease. For instance, medical science is looking for the “cure” for cancer. Healing can include curing, but is not necessarily curing. Curing is on the physical level, while the other is on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

For instance, when you hold someone’s hand who is hurting, you are not curing anything. You are, however, bringing support and comfort. This support calms the emotions, reduces stress and allows the body to marshal its own regenerative forces to get better.

It’s been close to 15 years since a dear friend died at the age of 35 from colon cancer. One day I was bringing her back from the doctor and we stopped to have a snack. As she went to get something she turned and said, “I hate to think it took cancer for me to find out I was loved. I do know I am loved.”

Although she left due to the cancer she was healed of mind and spirit.

Where is Your Healing Energy?

Your heart is the source of your healing energy. Your love, caring and compassion are all signs it is active. When you kiss a child’s hurt, you are comforting the little one and saying, “I care for you. All will be OK.” For the small hurts in life that is often all that is needed.

For the overwhelming hurts, debilitating disease, trauma, loss of a loved one, you send healing energy when you give of yourself to assist the other. You may not be able to “do” anything, but you can be present. Most of the time words are not necessary. The gentleness, the caring, that pours out of you soothes and comforts.

Everyone has healing energy. It is found in the openness of your heart.

This article was written by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW. Cathy assists people achieve their dreams of health, wealth and abundance. She works from a spiritual and energetic model to balance the body and change limiting beliefs.

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