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Can Energy Healing Help With Depression?

Can Energy Healing Help With Depression?

Can Energy Healing Eliminate Depression?

Depression is a widespread problem affecting a multitude of people of all ages, sex, and background. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), no less than 121 million individuals are affected by depression.

When we talk of depression, we do not mean simply a state of unhappiness; we are referring to a clinical classification of depression. It is a pathology often relying on antidepressant medication and various form of psychotherapy for treatment.

However, WHO estimates that only around 60% of those affected by depression have access to primary care, and for those admitted to care, medical and psychotherapeutic treatments only carry about a 25% efficiency rate in curing the pathology.

With such numbers unable to avail of treatment, and with such a low rate of treatment success, it is a valid question to pose:

“Can Energy Healing Eliminate Depression?”

The answer is: “Absolutely!”

Energy Healing, in its various form such as Brennan Healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other modalities, can be a highly viable alternative to conventional medical treatment of depression.

Everything around you is in a state of vibration. Physically speaking, we are constantly vibrating on a cellular sub-atomic level. Every motion, movement, thought, sound… all of these things have a vibrational frequency.

Your entire body is a composition of vibrations. Thus, your moods, thoughts, and feelings – which are all vibrational – also generate an energy, as a result of these vibrations.

The vibrations and energy emitted affect your energetic field, or your aura. Although many people are unable to see a person’s aura, they would be surprised to see how different the aura looks in specific states of mind.

For example, a joyous state of mind will result in an energy field that shimmers, “glows” radiantly and healthily. Conversily, a sad or gloomy state of mind will display a muddled, “heavy” aura with darkened colours. Your mood strongly affects the vibrational level of your body, thus the aura ¬†and energetic transpiration around you.

But as the energetic field’s appearance is a result of your core, innermost vibrational frequencies which can be affected by mood and thought, a qualified energy healer is capable of working with the energy field from within; an energy healer targets the root cause of your energetic imbalance.

As a result, an energy healing creates a shift in resonance and vibrational frequency, which can have a positive effect on your state of mind.

Depression can be eliminated with the help of energy healing. Given the less than encouraging figures presented by the World Health Organization on the availability and success rate of conventional therapy, you might be surprised to find just how effective an energy healing can be, if you are suffering from depression.

Henrik L. Nordmark – London, 20 August 2010.

Henrik is available for personalised energy healing treatments and for speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact henrik@londonhealer.com for any details on pricing and availability schedule.

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