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Josh Harris | Henrik Nordmark Energy Healing Testimonial

Josh Harris | Henrik Nordmark Energy Healing Testimonial

“Back pain eliminated, amazing healing!”

I had hurt my back, to the extent that I couldn’t even walk straight. I was really in great pain.

Fortunately, I knew Henrik and of his work, although I had never experienced it myself. With the discomfort I was going through, I was desperate for relief.

So I asked Henrik to perform an energy healing treatment on me.

My back pain was so bad, it took two people to help me lay down on the healing table. Once I was in position, a very relaxing new-age sounding music played in the background, and Henrik proceeded to work on me.

I could feel a heat emanating from his hands, but at the same time, there was a feeling of coolness that had a wonderfully calming effect. Whenever Henrik’s hands passed over the exact spot in my back where the pain was located, I felt like a slight twitch in my body, as if something were actually penetrating inside, touching the pain at its core.

Gradually, the twitching became less and less evident, and before long, I was in a state of utter calm and peace. I wasn’t ever aware my pain had gone away. If you’d asked me to tell you when the pain left my body, I couldn’t say; I just realised it wasn’t there anymore. In fact, about 45 minutes later, I practically jumped off the healing table, and touched my toes!

I cannot recommend Henrik enough. His healing power is very powerful, and you literally feel a surge of energy running through your body when he his laying his hands on you.  You really, really feel something happening.

What  ibuprofen couldn’t do, Henrik really sorted out for me. The pain never came back. If you have any pain, I absolutely recommend Henrik and his energy healing. It’s phenomenally effective.

-Josh Harris – Sept. 2009

Henrik is available for personalised energy healing treatments and for speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact henrik@londonhealer.com


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Date Posted: 28 Jul 2010 @ 11:19 PM
Last Modified: 29 Jul 2010 @ 09:19 PM
Posted By: Henrik Nordmark

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