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Quantum Touch Healing

Quantum Touch Healing

Quantum Touch – You Can Learn to Heal Yourself Naturally

For those who are new to Quantum Touch, watching a demonstration may seem like something a little mystic or unreal. Patients who are crippled with pain are noticeably better within minutes of working with someone trained in Quantum-Touch.

How does this work? Is it real, or is it a gimmick?

These are excellent questions, and understanding the answers starts with understanding the technique. Quantum-Touch developed from the belief that the body is innately equipped to heal itself using its own natural healing energy, known as Life Force Energy.

When the flow Life Force Energy is disrupted, the healing ceases or slows down. Quantum-Touch teaches individuals to use Life Force Energy to help someone who is hurting begin the natural healing process. Those trained in Quantum-Touch know how to focus, amplify, and then direct Life Force Energy into someone else, often producing incredible results.

What Conditions Can Be Helped Through Quantum-Touch?

An endless number of conditions can be helped through Quantum-Touch. Each person has the ability to heal his or her own body, and the person trained in Quantum Touch simply aids in this natural healing energy process. Those with chronic pain and stiffness report almost instant results from a healing session. Inflammation is visibly reduced for some people, and misaligned bones slide effortlessly into place with just a few moments of a QT session.

Some patients have even seen spontaneous remission of their cancer after a session. Injuries, burns, and cuts can heal faster with the technique, and individuals with organ disorders often experience relief after a session. The results vary tremendously from individual to individual based on the person’s own ability to heal. All healing is self-healing; it is simply assisted by the Quantum-Touch professional.

Is Quantum-Touch Dangerous?

Quantum-Touch is not dangerous, because it involves no forceful manipulation, surgery, or medical procedure. Through nothing more than a gentle touch, someone trained in the techniques can channel energy to someone else to aid in the healing process.

Many people who are interested in Quantum Touch wonder if there are any side effects. Because there is no force used in this procedure, the body does not balk at the changes and become stiff and sore. Patients report relief from pain, not added pain, after a QT session. Because the technique empowers the body’s own healing mechanisms, the body is refreshed and revived, not hurting, after the session.

Can I Benefit from Quantum-Touch While Going to the Chiropractor?

Again, because QT does nothing more than enable the body to heal itself more efficiently, it can be used alongside other health treatments. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, and traditional medicine do not interfere with Quantum-Touch, and Quantum-Touch does not interfere with them either. In fact, many patients find that their other health care professionals are impressed with their healing after they receive Quantum-Touch.

Is Quantum-Touch Something New?

Quantum-Touch is a new method using ancient ideas. Life Force Energy is not a new discovery. The ancient and modern Chinese practiced techniques harnessing it, but in their books it is called “chi.” The energy is called “prana” in Sanskrit teachings. Both ancient societies believed in a flow of energy that sustained all living beings. QT teaches people how to use their hands to harness and then direct that energy, bringing surprising and pleasant benefits to others.

Who Can Perform Quantum-Touch?

Quantum-Touch is a simple, natural healing method. It is so simple that even children can learn the techniques. Because there are no special skills needed to perform Quantum Touch, anyone can learn it. It does not involve any medical skills or training, although many doctors and health professionals are using these techniques in their own clinics, with much success.

Because it is so easy, Quantum-Touch workshops are held regularly across the nation. In just the first day of class, students will be able to move bones into alignment through light touch. All it takes to do Quantum-Touch is a new understanding of body awareness and breathing techniques. Once the two are connected, students learn to control Life Force Energy and bring healing to others.

This article was written by Kirsten Boucher, Quantum Touch instructor in Whitby, Ontario. She hosts Quantum-Touch Workshops Whitby a few times a year.

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 20 Aug 2010 @ 3:17 PM 

Can Energy Healing Help With Depression?

Can Energy Healing Help With Depression?

Can Energy Healing Eliminate Depression?

Depression is a widespread problem affecting a multitude of people of all ages, sex, and background. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), no less than 121 million individuals are affected by depression.

When we talk of depression, we do not mean simply a state of unhappiness; we are referring to a clinical classification of depression. It is a pathology often relying on antidepressant medication and various form of psychotherapy for treatment.

However, WHO estimates that only around 60% of those affected by depression have access to primary care, and for those admitted to care, medical and psychotherapeutic treatments only carry about a 25% efficiency rate in curing the pathology.

With such numbers unable to avail of treatment, and with such a low rate of treatment success, it is a valid question to pose:

“Can Energy Healing Eliminate Depression?”

The answer is: “Absolutely!”

Energy Healing, in its various form such as Brennan Healing, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other modalities, can be a highly viable alternative to conventional medical treatment of depression.

Everything around you is in a state of vibration. Physically speaking, we are constantly vibrating on a cellular sub-atomic level. Every motion, movement, thought, sound… all of these things have a vibrational frequency.

Your entire body is a composition of vibrations. Thus, your moods, thoughts, and feelings – which are all vibrational – also generate an energy, as a result of these vibrations.

The vibrations and energy emitted affect your energetic field, or your aura. Although many people are unable to see a person’s aura, they would be surprised to see how different the aura looks in specific states of mind.

For example, a joyous state of mind will result in an energy field that shimmers, “glows” radiantly and healthily. Conversily, a sad or gloomy state of mind will display a muddled, “heavy” aura with darkened colours. Your mood strongly affects the vibrational level of your body, thus the aura  and energetic transpiration around you.

But as the energetic field’s appearance is a result of your core, innermost vibrational frequencies which can be affected by mood and thought, a qualified energy healer is capable of working with the energy field from within; an energy healer targets the root cause of your energetic imbalance.

As a result, an energy healing creates a shift in resonance and vibrational frequency, which can have a positive effect on your state of mind.

Depression can be eliminated with the help of energy healing. Given the less than encouraging figures presented by the World Health Organization on the availability and success rate of conventional therapy, you might be surprised to find just how effective an energy healing can be, if you are suffering from depression.

Henrik L. Nordmark – London, 20 August 2010.

Henrik is available for personalised energy healing treatments and for speaking engagements. Please feel free to contact henrik@londonhealer.com for any details on pricing and availability schedule.

 09 Aug 2010 @ 8:03 PM 

Chakras And Your Energetic Aura

Chakras And Your Energetic Aura

Energy Healing: Your Chakras and Aura.

Energy healing is an ethereal science. Among holistic treatments, it is one of the fastest growing techniques. Since the beginning of man, this healing technique has been considered sacred and was used as a serious method of healing from illness.

We are all connected to the energy of the universe. And, this is the main force behind spiritual healing. It is a place to which we all have a connection. It is not difficult to use this healing technique. But, as with anything that is worth its weight in salt, it requires practice and dedication to learning its delicate nature.

We as humans have the power that we need in order to heal our bodies from illness. If we provide our bodies with the proper tools, they are quite efficient and able to heal. In order to heal energy, we need to channel it correctly. It needs to be applied to the parts of our aura that are broken or to the damaged areas of our chakras.

Before we can do this, it is important that we first know what chakras and auras are. The word chakra comes from the Indian language, Sanskrit. Its meaning is disc or wheel. They are centers of energy. They run from the base of our spine and up through the crown of our head. There are seven chakras. Try to imagine your body’s chakras as turning discs of energy. Each chakra has a color associated with it.

The 7 chakras are as follows:

Chakra 1red chakra or root. It is found in the adrenal glands and is associated with survival instincts.
Chakra 2orange chakra or sacral. It is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with sexuality.
Chakra 3yellow chakra or solar plexus. It is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion.
Chakra 4green chakra or heart. It is in the thymus and is associated with the immune system.
Chakra 5blue chakra or throat. It is found in the thyroid and is associated with metabolism.
Chakra 6 violet chakra or the third eye. It is found in the pituitary gland and is associated with hormones and growth.
Chakra 7white chakra or the crown. It is found in the pineal gland and is associated with body rhythm.

Any one of the seven chakras can become damaged. When this occurs they require healing via a transfer of energy.

The aura is an energy field. It contains various colors that are associated with our spiritual development at any given point in our lives. An advanced energy healing practitioner can read auras and thereby heal them.

Many count on these gifted individuals to provide relief from any type of disease. These spiritual healers are said to have helped heart break, grief from the loss of a loved one, and even cancer. These are just a few of the myriad of ailments that have been healed by use of energy transfer.

From time to time in our lives, we all need to heal from a crisis. A positive energy healing session can provide relief from pain, worry and stress while it harmonizes our physical and spiritual beings.

This article was written by Meadow Summers, a survivor of breast cancer who turned to Energy Healing as a source of complementary treatments to support her immune system, and get her body healthy again.

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 03 Aug 2010 @ 3:02 PM 

Energy Healing - Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Energy Healing - Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Energy Healing – Science Or Metaphysical Dead End?

Barbara Brennan is a leading authority on energy healing. Her book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, has become a kind of bible in the field of spiritual healing. This article explores the world of energy healing and Barbara Brennan’s healing science.

Barbara Brennan’s energy healing or healing science describes a model of the human body that includes chakras (focal points for the reception and transmission of cosmic energy) and auras (fields of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding the body). Energy healing is based on an esoteric understanding of how the human energy fields interact with each other and how to reconnect lines that become broken.

Brennan’s teachings describe a seven-layer model of the human energy field, each layer being structured of differing frequencies and kinds of energy and performing different functions. All disease begins as a distortion on the 7th level of the auric field and works its way down through the layers of the aura into the physical body.

During the healing process the healer works intimately with these levels of the auric field and with the chakras. Brennan believes she can teach people to work on these energy levels to heal patients. She started the Barbara Brennan School of Healing to train professional healers.

There is far more to Barbara Brennan’s healing science than mapping energy fields. Her biography would make fascinating reading. She earned a degree in Physics and worked for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. Later, she worked with Eva and John Pierrakos, who founded a system for self-transformation called the Pathwork.

Eva Pierrakos channeled lectures from a spiritual entity that came to be called “the Guide.” The lecture material offered profound insight into the nature of life. John Pierrakos worked with Dr Wilhelm Reich who discovered a physical, biological energy in all living matter that he called “orgone.”

It is easy to see the influence of Eva and John Pierrakos and the Pathwork in Brennan’s healing science. She worked with them and became a practitioner in Pathwork and core energetics. Core energetics is based on a deep understanding of the ways in which energy and consciousness work together in the transformative process of healing.

Brennan says she receives intuitive messages about her clients during sessions. Her books draw on messages channeled from Heyoan, who she describes as her spiritual guide. It all adds up to a woman who is profoundly intelligent and deeply spiritual.

I’m still not convinced the focus on energy is anything more than a dead end in the search for the key to healing. Beneficial results are more likely due to mental interaction between the healer and patient. That being said, Dr. Brennan sounds like a fascinating teacher. Her book, Hands of Light is must reading for anyone who wants to know more about her teachings and her healing science.

This article is written by Saul Lamb, a student of a Course in Miracles, and Founder of Spiritual Healer.

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 02 Aug 2010 @ 9:00 AM 

Everyone Has Energy Healing

Everyone Has Energy Healing

Everyone Has Energy Healing.

Many people have the mistaken belief that only a limited number of folks have healing energy. This is an incorrect assumption. Everyone has the ability to use healing energy to assist someone in need.

Instinctive Actions Demonstrating Healing Energy

Think about times when you have done one of the following to comfort another… or someone to you:

  • When hurt, immediately placed your hand on the wound or bruise
  • Kissed the hurt to make it better
  • Rubbed a child’s back when s/he was ill or feelings were hurt
  • Held someone’s hand who was having a tough time
  • Stayed with someone who was in need due to illness or crisis

The Confusion between Healing and Curing

Curing relates to the ending of a disease. For instance, medical science is looking for the “cure” for cancer. Healing can include curing, but is not necessarily curing. Curing is on the physical level, while the other is on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

For instance, when you hold someone’s hand who is hurting, you are not curing anything. You are, however, bringing support and comfort. This support calms the emotions, reduces stress and allows the body to marshal its own regenerative forces to get better.

It’s been close to 15 years since a dear friend died at the age of 35 from colon cancer. One day I was bringing her back from the doctor and we stopped to have a snack. As she went to get something she turned and said, “I hate to think it took cancer for me to find out I was loved. I do know I am loved.”

Although she left due to the cancer she was healed of mind and spirit.

Where is Your Healing Energy?

Your heart is the source of your healing energy. Your love, caring and compassion are all signs it is active. When you kiss a child’s hurt, you are comforting the little one and saying, “I care for you. All will be OK.” For the small hurts in life that is often all that is needed.

For the overwhelming hurts, debilitating disease, trauma, loss of a loved one, you send healing energy when you give of yourself to assist the other. You may not be able to “do” anything, but you can be present. Most of the time words are not necessary. The gentleness, the caring, that pours out of you soothes and comforts.

Everyone has healing energy. It is found in the openness of your heart.

This article was written by Cathy Chapman, Ph.D., LCSW. Cathy assists people achieve their dreams of health, wealth and abundance. She works from a spiritual and energetic model to balance the body and change limiting beliefs.

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